Its Family Day…

Shih Poo Tales
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*Gypsy Joy*

Have a treat on Family Day!

Hullo Everyone…
Happy Family Day To All!

Spilling the Beans…

I’m good at it “Mistress Mommy”
tells everyone, just read the blog!

I say: “Woof-Woof” It’s a goofy way
to stay in touch” especially on Family Day.

If you live near or in Toronto
it’s great fun for young and old to be
in “Toronto the Good”
as Toronto was called in the past
and to visit:

If only the weather were better I would
p/u puppies everywhere and beg the
“Lad Upstairs” to drive us there.

For now Mommy and I hope you will enjoy
this little winter poem.

Our Winter Tale today
Is going to be short
Mostly thanking the good Lord
And passing on a story
About Canadian winter glory
To wish you a Happy Family Day!

So do the Ice Hogs!

There is more fun to come along
View the art of the Canadian Carvers Society
Read the fascinating story
How the first artists travelled many miles
Their Ice Art brought joyful smiles
Each year “Winterlude” sings its magic song.

Last but not least we thank King Winter,
the Snow Queen, the Ice Artists and
the makers of the entertainment below.

Till next time be brave it soon will be

March Break!

BRR… Its time for my walk in Winter Wonderland …

The Lad says I have to go! It’s ice, snow and puddle time.

Hey, I don’t mind guys!

With thanks to the “Young Mistress” for my fun photo, enjoy:

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Cozy Snowy Happy Valentine…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Hi Friends!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

A bit of news since the last time we met here…

Mistress Mommy is writing a cozy mystery,
which she started writing in Autumn 2017,
but around Christmas she got unwell
and stopped writing for awhile.
I think she will be getting back into it soon.

I’m so-o-o proud of her!

Well, as soon as she has other things
under control again.
She laments from time to time that she seems
to be getting older and slower each day.

I tell her that this may be true but,
hey, you should never stand still by aging.
Don’t we all age from birth on?
I became 6 years old the day before Halloween
last year, and I’m not slowing down.


 “Rest between work and play and take a nap”,
I keep telling her.

Anyhow, “Mistress Mommy” is very much
interested in cozy pet mysteries.
Often I see her taking time off to read
a kindle sample chapter of a cozy dog
or other cozy pet mystery.
Woof!!! That should keep her young!
More so, since she signed up for a
daily Newsletter from:

And just today she spotted another website:

You really have to take a peek at this site
full of cozy mysteries.
This website invites others who have
a website to connect with them.
Perhaps it’s a good idea for us, too.

Let’s wait and see what “Mommy” is going
to do later on today or next week.
First she wants to discuss it with the
“Young Mistress” and the “Lad Upstairs”
before he is off to other adventures,
she whispered in my ear this morning,
when she let me out into the backyard
to romp in the old and fresh fallen snow.

It keeps looking like Christmas never left our city.
I’m getting a bit impatient as Mommy
has not walked me since late December.
Mind you, I’m not fotgotten ’cause the
Lad Upstairs walks me every day.
Also, I do my rounds in the back garden,
but it’s not the same.
The weather stays cold, freezing wet or
snowy and the family is afraid that the
“Lady of the House” will slip and fall
and break an ankle or hip again.

I just like pulling “Mommy” around,
so she gets some fresh air and exercise.
It will do her “old bones” good!

This morning “Mommy” and I e-mailed
a Valentine greeting to family and friends
and this Valentine blog is dedicated
to you all as we wish you the happiest
and sunniest day of them all!

Just as nice as this pleasant Valentine’s story:

 It may give you an idea to start a Happy Valentine tradition, too.
Let me know if you do 🙂

I wonder, what the “Young Mistress”
and her pet Empress Zoe Labrador are doing today.
The last I heard, they both had fun imitating
a wolf’s howl one night, when they spotted
a gang of coyotes at their front door.
I would have loved howling like a wolf, too.
It scared the coyotes back to the forest nearby
looking for the lone wolf.

Mommy, the “Blog Muse” adores this site!

This morning she felt a bit nostalgic.
I guessed right away why.

You may, too, when you read my  clue.
“Which country is known the most
for wearing wooden shoes?”

Well… no I did not mean England …

but they have famous and pretty apprentice clog makers, too.

Have fun watching the video below!


With thanks to the makers, enjoy:


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Hurray, It’s Compliments Day!

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

A New Year has begun…

The winter sun

Is shining each day stronger

The days are feeling longer

We celebrate today

Compliments Day!

 Why not play the “compliment” game 🙂

So to all of you

“How do you do?”

This winter day is looking good,

and so is the little guy in the Dutch wooden shoe.

Hope this day is just terrific for you and our Dutch friend, too!

Have you ever seen such a big wooden shoe?

Enjoy and see you next time,

when I will tell you more about my winter adventures.

With thanks to the makers enjoy Dutch Venice in Winter & the Other Seasons.

Just wondering were the Dutch doggies have gone!

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Christmas 2017

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Merry Christmas to All!

On Christ’s Day we like to express on
this page our feelings of wonder, love
and gladness for the Good Tidings of
the Birth of Jesus many around the world
celebrate on Christmas Day.

Christmas is Christ’s Day…


May you enjoy my Christmas 2017 Poem
and the Holy Baby’s birth.

God’s Love For the World…

Snowflakes are falling
It’s Christmas Eve
Love and Peace are filling the air.

While the World slowly awakens
A Holy Baby is born again
The World will call Him Emmanuel.

It’s over 2000 years ago
The Star of Bethlehem stood still
Above a little stable.

Still remembered today
As if this Holy Birth
Happened just yesterday.

God’s endless Love for the World
And His forgiveness and grace
Never seizes to amaze.

The Holy Birth on Earth on Christmas
Still remembered today
Is a many splendored thing.

Long after the first Shepherds
And the three Kings of the East
The Earth pays homage to the Newborn King.

To this day the world still adores
And worships in Church, on TV and in silence,
the wonder of the Birth of the New Born King.

Christmas is Christ’s Day!
God’s Love to the World
Is a many splendid thing.
~Gypsy Joy Christmas 2017~

To All Peace to the World…

May gladness and happiness
Surround you and your loved ones
And take forever hold of your heart.

We will meet again in the New Year!

 With thanks to the Daily TV Mass,
may you all enjoy the video here below.

Photos as usual by ”Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“Little Rascal-Woofie” me!

Have yourself a Merry Christmas!

Santa says enjoy your presents beneath the tree!

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December a Month to Remember…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

 December has arrived and thus we like
to bring a lot of festivities to you.
So without further ado we dive
right into the links.

So you can enjoy a few special
St. Nicholas crafts as well
as other beautiful Christmas gifts and
crafts to celebrate the birth of the
Christ Child.

Anyone of our fans living in or near
Smoky Mountain in the USA?

If you live close to Dollywood you
will be in for a special treat.

We think it’s great to meet the famous
Dolly Parton, and meet the mysterious,
mischievous Elf and the stunt dogs
in person.

Litlle Lion would like to perform at
Dolly Parton’s Dollywood, and see all there
is to see at Smoky Mountain, but
we are living too far away.
We mostly do our travels by armchair.
It’s fun, less tiring and easier on the budget.

All good things come in three… or more!

We found this amazing link for you:

All who celebrate the St. Nicholas festivity
on the evening of December 5th
and the 6th we wish you a great time.

All others, we hope you, too, will enjoy the
special St. Nicholas recipes, videos etc.
It’s fun to try out something new.

Now a bit of news from our homestead.

The little rascal and I don’t have any
exciting adventures to tell.
The trespassing animals seem in decline.

Little Lion’s “Houdini” stunts are in
the past as “The Lad upstairs” purchased
a couple of “safety” gadgets so he can’t
just “roll-over” in the grass and get rid of them.
He tried some sneaky ways to get them undone.

However, he never gets cranky as he
always seems to find something interesting
on his walks to look or sniff at.
As well we always meet a few nice people
and children who keep the little rascal
prancing and in a happy mood.

One of the ladies we met today called
him a “bundle of joy”, and that he is.
To top it off, he also keeps me on my toes
and in a good mood!

That’s all for now. See you next time!

Thanks a bunch to everyone for the
animations, interesting and crafty links,
and the artists and video makers.

All other photos as usual by ”Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“Little Rascal-Woofie” me!.

With special thanks to the video maker of
Santa’s visit to Brampton, Ontario.

We hope all our fans, friends and family
may enjoy it. It was a real treat for us.
Thanks a bunch, Sir!

We hope you will hear from many You Tube visitors.

Rain did not keep the Santa Fans away! 🙂

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