Hey, You make my day…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Hello Fans, Friends and Family,

I feel a bit sluggish today!

Hope you all had a terrific Mother’s Day
and if you are living in Ontario also
a very fine Victoria Holiday.

I would like to tell you that
Empress Zoe Labrador and I had a fun-tastic
lake adventure on Victoria Day,
but it did not happen because we
did not venture that far.
We stayed close to home and we don’t
live near a lake.
I did have fun venturing through
the garden

and tracing tracks on my daily walks.
Empress Zoe lives pretty far away from us.

“Mistress Mommy” showed me
the garden choice for the 2017 perennials and annuals
and theme garden suggestions for

Children’s Gardens.

Was fun!

Guys, I need a “bite”, I feel hungry!
Here comes the “Blog Muse”,
with a “Printer Version Friendly”
kids garden theme!


I will be back soon!
Woof… Woof!


 Hi! Everyone!

Did you know there is a
“Kids Gardening Movement?”

I did not! But, now I do! :)

“The Kids Gardening Movement” has
how to start a kids gardening club.


Theme gardens for kids are “in”!


The info of this year’s favorite flowers
is told by the artist/writer Elisabeth Ginsburg,


from whom we can learn a lot on the
subject of art and colour.


Canna – “Orange Punch” highlights the
brilliance of the sun during the summer.



I love planting and looking at Canna’s,
Calla’s and Orange Tiger Lillies
gently waving to and fro in a breeze,
caressed by sparkling sunbeams
or lit-up by a lantern lightpost.
It’s a very striking sight.

The above lily was grown by the “Young Mistress”!


I was so deeply emerged in orange flowerland
on May 18th that I decided that day
to make a homemade zizzling orange punch
to serve during a pleasant gathering with friends.
It was a hot day, 30 degrees.

In the gardens,

early tulips are withering away,
but many mid-season tulips are blossoming.
The late tulips are showing their buds,
while the early irises stand in bloom
and/or have buds.


 A real treat are the forget-me-nots
popping up here and there among other
may/june plants and the white blossom
of the pear trees scattered all over
the backyard greenery, walkway and terraces
like a bride and groom had just passed through.

I called my homemade brew,

“Passionate Five-Alive-Mandarin-Maraschino Punch
from the “Blog Muse’s Kitchen”.

For this cool treat you need:

1 frozen can of five-alive
passionate Peach Citrus.
Dilute this with 2 ice-cold cans of Ginger Ale
add 1 can of Cold Water,
plus 1 can 10 oz.
Mandarin Oranges in light syrup,
two teaspoons of freshly squeezed Lemon Juice
and 20 Maraschino Cherries.

Voila,  a bowl full of

“Passionate Five-Alive-Mandarin-Maraschino Punch”!


After you have filled the glasses
return the punch bowl to the fridge
and add more cold Ginger Ale when needed
for a 2nd or 3rd refreshment.

Serves at least 5 people 2 to 3 times.
Serve with a large spoon to scoop the fruit.

Add ice-cubes (optional).

From the Kitchen back to the Little Rascal :)


When I am busy in a room and I don’t hear
someone entering my home, Little Lion
presses one of his favorite little toys
against my legs to let me know family
or a friend has come for a visit.

The little rascal is so-o-o fond of humans
he welcomes everyone with a
favorite musical squeezy toy.
It’s as if he is trying to say:

“Come in my friend and be our guest.
We are so glad you came
What took you so long to come along?
Hey, you make our day!
Have a seat and grab a treat.”

Putting up a “Beware of Dog” sign
would be a big joke as he is the
friendliest dog in the neighbourhood.


Last but not least another update on
my favorite subject of the year:
Canada 150!


Have fun checking the above link and
learning more about Canada’s
interesting history.


Enjoy tending your garden,
balcony or the plants indoors.
Above all discover nature’s beauty and inhale the fresh air!

See you again on Saturday, June 11, 2017.


Hey, it’s me again!
I took a little nap after my snack!
It was quiet at the LOOK-OUT.
So far, I did not spot the Mother Raccoon
carrying her baby in her mouth over
the top of the neighbour’s fence as
“Mommy’s” friend told us the other day.
I only saw a sneaky feline,
a tricky squirrel
and a bird flying by.

I have seen a raccoon coming by at midnight
several times before but not a baby raccoon.
We growl at each other and I make a
lot of noise when I see the raccoon.

The other day the “young mistress”
saw eye-to-eye again with a coyote!


Last Saturday she discovered that
a Mother bird had build a nest by a
window and had laid one egg in it.
Inside the house one feline is keeping
watch on the nest but it does not seem
to worry the bird.


In one of the “Young Mistress” garden pots
a tiny tree frog has made its home.
Before that she reported June bugs flying by,
meeting a hawk eye-to-eye, an owl and
birds who seem to have fled into the forest.

Seems like a creature invasion to me!


Maik in The Netherlands a belated
Happy Birthday to You
We heard that you had a swell party.
Have a lot of fun riding your motorcycle!

It’s time to say: “Good Bye!”

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

Photos as usual by “Mistress Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s “little rascal” me!
I make sure “Mommy” keeps
the wobbly camera straight!

Next time a bit more about Canada 150
and other adventures and fun stuff.
Keep tuning in! :)


As our hearts and thoughts are especially
on May 26th by our beloved Henry,
we hope you all may enjoy Disney and
the frolicking teapot’s voice of
Dame Angela Lansbury!

Enjoy “The Young Mistress” choice
of joy for You and Me! :)

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Mother’s Day Variety Show….

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Dear Fans, Family and Friends,

Little Lion and I, like
to celebrate Mother’s Day with you
and to entertain
about the year 1967 when Montreal became
the host of 50 million happy visitors.

Time for a “Charlie Chaplin footie!”


Still a big hit in 2017!


 This years celebration of Canada 150
may be seen by all in Canada
as a pleasant reminder,
that it is not a dream but possible
to live in peace with each other and
to celebrate mankind’s diversity in joy.

Canada and The World fell in love with
Expo ’67, Habitat ’67 and the young
Israeli descent Architect Moshe Safdie from
McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.


Now during the celebrations of Canada 150
this talented and succesful gentleman


who credits everyone else for
the success of

“Man and Its World”

is, to the joy of many,
in the public view again.



Even if you did not visit Montreal in 1967,
most likely you heard about the Expo ’67.

The famous architect candidly re-calls,
that he must have been
“a cocky young man at the time” to accept the Expo ’67 challenge.

Well, Canada and the world did not forget him.
The architect is in the news again.
This time in Magazine Canada Post’s
thrilling videos and their rare
collection of 2017 Expo ’67 stamps.


The Magazine has outdone itself with
other Canadian historical stories
to celebrate Canada 150.




Little Lion and I cordially invite you
to enjoy the above links.


 It’s an enjoyable trip into the past
and mindboggling to view what can be achieved
through daring imagination, dedication,
skill, determination and collaboration.

Last but not least, Little Lion and I
are wishing All Mom’s and Mom’s-to-be
in the whole world of humans,
mother nature and not to forget
companion animal Moms of all kind a


Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

Photos as usual by “Mistress Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s “little rascal” me!

Have a fabulous two weeks everyone.
See you again on Saturday May 28th.
Around that time many gardeners will
be planting and showing off their annuals.


It’s time for my walk. Bye-Bye!

Have fun everyone and enjoy the journey back in time!
It’s a cool, silent documentary.

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Garden Thyme….

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Dear Fans, Family and Friends,

Little Lion and I are pretty busy
to get our “Garden of Eden” ready for
the joys of the outdoors season.

Garden dwarf

 The garden dwarfs are back
from their winter hiding place.
However, nature is showing
us stormy and sunny days, which are
keeping us both busy.

18 Days ago the 1st hurricane swept through
London, Ontario.


Little Lion is supervising my struggles
to clear the garden debris, re-planting,
shaping and replacing a few patio stones
and keeping the weeds from popping up.
As well as keeping “enemies” out.
Such as pictured on the link here below.


Since the hot days will be soon here
we will publish our blog twice a month
starting on the Saturday before
Mother’s Day, May 14th, 2017.


A terrific link for upcoming festivities is,


and other fabulous crafts.

For the 150 year of Canada we recommend
reading up on the many local festivities. :)


Ottawa is “The” Place to be in May
as the city has also planned a
“Vintage Military Display”
during the Victoria Day Weekend,
between May 20 and 22,2017 at
The Great Lawn Landsdowne Park in Ottawa,
paying tribute to the Veterans.



A special interactive program for kids
will celebrate
the only Royal ever born in Canada,
Princess Margriet
of The Netherlands who was born in Ottawa
on 19 January, 1943 during WWII.


Presently, Little Lion is at the LOOK-OUT
on watch for any UFO’s circling in the sky.


It seems the sightings are more frequent.


If you spot one, keep us posted!

Aha! Here comes the little rascal. :)


Have a great weekend! LOL!
See you again on Saturday, May 13th!

Yo Ho Ho Mateys,
I have the last word! Aarrr!!!
I like to wish “MARIAN” a favorite fan and friend
Happy Birthday!

Pink Tulips 2009

Tulips just for You*!

Hope you have a lovely birthday!

To start off, I “pirated”
free coloring pages for pirate fans:



Who of you knows Roger the Jolly Pirate?


If you do, send me a pirate e-mail.

I suggested to “Mistress Mommy” to order
a “Pirate Doormat”
but she is not going for it.

“Magnificent” she said, “Go Fund Me
or walk the plank, Matey!”


I suspect “Mistress Mommy” may have
been a “female pirate captain” once.

I have to go to the LOOK-OUT soon and watch
Mommy while she is working in the gardens.
She likes to have it all done before
Victoria Day, that’s when we have
our first long weekend.
Most people drive to their summer cottages
at that time.

To learn more about cottage leasure
in Canada, you may like to read:


There are no real pirates roaming the
Canadian Lakes but it’s fun to roam
the country site, the lakes and to learn
how to avoid to get lost in the wildside
of the wilderness.

Majestic Forest

See you on the day before Mother’s Day!
Don’t forget to put a little
pirate fun in your city garden.
Aarrr! Woof-Woof!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

Photos as usual by “Mistress Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“pirate-woofie” me!.
Have a fabulous weekend!


Don’t forget to pass on to your humans
the “Scoop on the Poop.”
We canines do mother earth a great favour.


We provide POWER!


Aye-Aye Mateys, enjoy a most beautiful garden story.


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My Paw is on Nature….

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

hello_puppiesWe are wishing you all a
Swell Day.

 I promised you a photo of my new playmate.
Meet “Monkey Ape the babbling babe!”
She is always swinging and grinning.
She would love to swing with me
in the blossom of our pear tree.


“Mistress Mommy” is still busy
cleaning-up the gardens.
When she works in the gardens,
I am at the LOOK-OUT
keeping an eye on her.
It’s tiring for both of us,
but when all is done the garden view
will look splendid.

The birds, bees and butterflies will
visit all day long.
The birds are already entertaining us
and many baby birds have been born.

I like to chase the birds, just for fun.
Would not you?


Just this week,

the rain and sun transformed the garden’s
winter chaos into a spring-like oasis.
In-between yesterday’s rainstorms Mommy
snapped a photo of the grass and plants
that had popped up like the magic of
a time lapse video.


A few days earlier, while gazing through
my front LOOK-OUT to keep an eye on
the beige-brown feline crossing over
from the opposite street into my territory,
I spotted a lovely lady passing by taking
snapshots of a few spring flowers and
the massive uprise of Nature’s greenery.


“Mommy” says that she is always dazzled
by the quick uprising and growth of
nature in central Ontario.
My guess, the lady photographer was, too.
So was I, and to show this to “Mommy”
I rolled in the grass the other day.
The mud spattered my eylashes and paws.
Mommy laughed when she saw it and washed
my face and paws when we came home.
Later that night my face and paws got
soaking wet in the rain.
My body stayed dry because I wore my
red “Super-dog” coat. :)


This week I gave the Lad Upstairs
a scare while we were in the park.
I saw a squirrel and made an unexpected
move and pulled the Lad with me.


 He is agile so no harm came to him.
It was a thrilling moment, however,
the Lad was not amused.

“Mistress Mommy” is teaching me
No, it has nothing to do with


although that is a mighty interesting site.
But I mean the high-five and fist-bump
handshakes, we canines call the paw-shakes!


Dear friends, it was fun chatting with you,
but I am a bit exhausted and
ready for a short nap.


Bye-bye see you next Saturday.
Have a fun weekend!

Here comes the “Blog Muse” aka Gypsy Joy
and “Mistress Mommy”, I am going to
dreamland….. Zzzzzzzz …..

Hello Fans, Family and Friends,


Just stepping by for a little chat,
a bit about Earth Day and a nature quote.
As well to let you know what a great
guard dog, clever companion animal,
Little Lion is.  He brings s0 much joy to our
family and everyone he meets and greets.



 Thank you Little Lion!


I see Little Lion has told you all there
is to be told today. :)
I trust you like his stories very much.
Little Lion is just as amazing as
“Mother Nature.”
He is the best storyteller of the west!


My Nature Quote…

If you want your children to love Nature
take them on a woodland walk.
Let them explore all there is to discover.
They and Mother Nature will thank you!
*Gypsy Joy*

Don’t forget to put a little
nature fun in your city garden.
The kids and wildlife will love you.


 Even a squirrel statue lifts ones
spirits and brings a smile to all.

So do the white geraniums when brought
into the house during the fall until
late May, when they are put out in the
garden to brighten nature’s scenery
during the day and into the night.


 Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

Photos as usual by yours truly.
Have a fabulous weekend!
Don’t forget,
it’s Earth Day today!


Make it a grand day for the whole family.

We shall meet again next Saturday.  :)


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A Frolicking Easter…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


The love of gardening is a seed
once grown that never dies.
~Gertrude Jekyll~

Many gardeners are busy planting
tiny seeds in pots
to be transferred into the garden beds
as soon as the time for outdoor planting
has arrived.


Since the garden helpers are still at large


the seedlings may or may not be ready
to be used as an Easter centerpiece.

A crocus or early tulip may be ready
and thus can be lifted from the garden
or purchased for the occasion.
Placed on a large plate or tray and
surrounded by filled plastic eggs or
chocolate bunnies and a few tealights
it makes a beautiful Easter centerpiece.

The children will love the Easter goodies.  :)


To learn why Easter is important to many,
you are cordially invited to check:


From Easter fun for mere mortals
over to pooches.  :)

How about treating
your sweet pooch and canine friends to a
“Jeni Rosenberg Easter Hunt”?
Bringing an Easter smile to all.


Enjoy Jeni’s video and the story.


 May you all have a Joyous Easter.

Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter
till we meet again next Saturday!

Here comes Little Lion with a basket
filled with Easter Goodies!

Hello Everyone,


Let’s see what my playmate and I have
in our Easter basket for you. :)


I see a lot of fun things for a
last minute Easter creativity.


Teachers always think up great activities.

I think “The Lad Upstairs” is
an excellent teacher, too.


 Here he gets a friend’s pooch
to lie down at his feet.

Thanks for the photo AJ!

I gave the Lad a hard time teaching
me to sit down as soon as
we get into the hallway after a walk.
I always want to scoot right to
“Mistress Mommy” when I come home
to tell her all about our adventures
and to eat my goodies after a long walk.

I love to eat my yummy holiday goodies!


If you ask me, goodies keep you
  in a good mood.


My wish for you a great easter egg hunt
with lots of easter egg fun.



don’t make a kerfuffle during
the Easter hunt!
Or snaffle the easter eggs from the
smaller and younger kids and canines.

Riddle answer to “kerfuffle” and “snaffle”
at the end of this page.
No peeking!!!       Grrr…        Grrr…

That’s all for now!


Enjoy my special Easter wish for you:

A Hare-raising Adventure!

It reminds me of the “Young Mistress”

“Honey Bunny”

Honey Bunny 2005

and her other pet bunnies in the past
and animal companion “Empress Zoe Labrador.”


 Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

All other photos as usual by the “Blog Muse.”

Have fun on the holiday weekend.
See you next Saturday!

Answer to “kerfuffle” a commotion,
disturbance or fuss.

Two answers to “snaffle”:
a simple bit for a horse’s bridle
and a “Highwayman that has got Booty”.
Aye Matey, the latter is “pirate talk”.

Be prepared when you are out on an
Easter Egg Hunt.
The pirates may snaffle your egg booty.



 Have a frolicking Easter hunt.
Enjoy the pirate story!

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