December a Month to Remember…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

 December has arrived and thus we like
to bring a lot of festivities to you.
So without further ado we dive
right into the links.

So you can enjoy a few special
St. Nicholas crafts as well
as other beautiful Christmas gifts and
crafts to celebrate the birth of the
Christ Child.

Anyone of our fans living in or near
Smoky Mountain in the USA?

If you live close to Dollywood you
will be in for a special treat.

We think it’s great to meet the famous
Dolly Parton, and meet the mysterious,
mischievous Elf and the stunt dogs
in person.

Litlle Lion would like to perform at
Dolly Parton’s Dollywood, and see all there
is to see at Smoky Mountain, but
we are living too far away.
We mostly do our travels by armchair.
It’s fun, less tiring and easier on the budget.

All good things come in three… or more!

We found this amazing link for you:

All who celebrate the St. Nicholas festivity
on the evening of December 5th
and the 6th we wish you a great time.

All others, we hope you, too, will enjoy the
special St. Nicholas recipes, videos etc.
It’s fun to try out something new.

Now a bit of news from our homestead.

The little rascal and I don’t have any
exciting adventures to tell.
The trespassing animals seem in decline.

Little Lion’s “Houdini” stunts are in
the past as “The Lad upstairs” purchased
a couple of “safety” gadgets so he can’t
just “roll-over” in the grass and get rid of them.
He tried some sneaky ways to get them undone.

However, he never gets cranky as he
always seems to find something interesting
on his walks to look or sniff at.
As well we always meet a few nice people
and children who keep the little rascal
prancing and in a happy mood.

One of the ladies we met today called
him a “bundle of joy”, and that he is.
To top it off, he also keeps me on my toes
and in a good mood!

That’s all for now. See you next time!

Thanks a bunch to everyone for the
animations, interesting and crafty links,
and the artists and video makers.

All other photos as usual by ”Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“Little Rascal-Woofie” me!.

With special thanks to the video maker of
Santa’s visit to Brampton, Ontario.

We hope all our fans, friends and family
may enjoy it. It was a real treat for us.
Thanks a bunch, Sir!

We hope you will hear from many You Tube visitors.

Rain did not keep the Santa Fans away! 🙂

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Pre-Christmas Fun…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Today’s story is a treasury of
Little Lion’s Birthday,
The Elf on the Shelf 
The Gingerbread Man


the Dollywood Christmas Parade.

Exciting, is not it!

WOW five fun things all in one story!

“Good things come in three”
The Elf on the Shelf says,
“and more than three
is a Santa treat!”

Grrr… Good question Elf on the Shelf… Grrr.

 We had an extremely nice Halloween
this year
with Empress Zoe Labrador,
Little Lion,
the “Young Mistress” who arrived with
lots of Halloween goodies for all
a lot of Halloween decorations
and elaborate Halloween lights.

Some of them could have been from prince
Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania.

Scary… scary…

That was Then and This is Me (Zoe) Today!

Empress Zoe Labrador  and “sister feline Hope”.

“Together we have a lot of fun visiting Little Lion!”

We were not bewildered by all the haunting
“No Siree!”
nor were our little and big
Halloween visitors.

We liked all the “Trick or Treaters”
and were liked a lot, too.
After five hours we ran out of goodies
and had given away 78 treat bags


Halloween fun surprises
like spiders, rings and pencils
and put up the “Out of Goodies” sign.

It drizzled a bit this year and that
made “Mistress Mommy” aka
“The Blog Muse”
think about this poetic quote:

“Water that runs writing its own language”
~Pablo Neruda~

Poet Pablo Neruda travelled extensively.
Being intrigued by the sea he called
himself an “estuary sailor” who
to look at it from the dry land.

Zoe and I would rather be
“Pirates ruling the Sea.”

Both Pablo Neruda and his beloved spouse
Urrutia are buried outside the beautiful
Isla Negra home.

If you ever visit Isla Negra don’t forget
to visit Pablo Neruda.

“Look between the stone and the ocean”
wrote the famous poet in
“I Will Come Back.”

He-He-He go on a Halloween night
you may just get a glimpse
of the famous man himself.

I had a fabulous birthday party
just the day before Halloween.
I got a few nice presents and goodies.
The one I like the best is a red bone light.
It’s a present from the “Young Mistress”.
Empress Zoe Labrador and the felines
surprised me with a lot of goodies.

So did “Mistress Mommy”
and the “Lad Upstairs”!

He-He-He I call him the Food Hunter!

 “Hey Mommy were are the leftover goodies?
I’m sure, we did not eat them!”

“Hmm… good question Little Rascal.
Perhaps the Elf on the Shelf hid them
somewhere… but where I would not know.”

Grrrr…. I’m going to search soon
for that Elf on the Shelf Mommy!”

“You do that, Little Lion!” 🙂

“Later Mommy!”

First I like to tell about November 14th.

I went to a grooming salon.
I never like bathing very much.
Shampoo and me don’t agree.
Everyone was very nice but I was glad
to be back home again.

“Home is where the heart is!”
That’s where I feel “King of the Castle!”

The other day we got news from the North Pole!

Santa at the North Pole reported that

the Elf on the Shelf scouts are roaming
the land. It’s almost December,
Watch out for them!
The scouts report every night in December
to Santa about all that’s happening.

Here is a dazzling sweet cider recipe:


See you next time and if you have time
dazzle us with your
Elf on the Shelf story

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the
animations, links
and the artists and video makers.

All other photos as usual by ”Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“Little Rascal-Woofie” me!.


The Elves, the Gingerbread Man and more in

 the famous Dollywood Parade…

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PJ Parties Anyone?…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Guess what the Little Rascal has come up
with since he overheard me

talking about the 250 ladies
in our fair city who celebrated on
October 19, 2017
their fourth annual pyjama party.

More about the recent WSW fun event
at a later date.

Now Little Lion desires a
Snoopy PJ Birthday-Halloween party
for his sixth canine birthday.

Because during the 2016 WSW PJ party
the Baron Bandits not only won for best PJ’s
they stole Little Lion’s heart as well.

Who can blame the little rascal as they
are shown here with his favorite bear
and Snoopy gear!

And then there are
the Stick tree people the little rascal is
very fond of since he saw a photo
of a doggie posing by the
Pooktre Stick People.

Can you blame him,
the Pooktre Stick People are stunning!

The last we heard about the
“Mom and Dad” of the Pooktre Stick People
was that the family was off to Portugal.
Not sure how they are doing in Portugal
as Portugal this year had to struggle
with many forest fires.

However, anyone interested in growing
Pooktre Dancers or other
Stick Tree People and artsy things check:


Feline friend “Droppie” of The Netherlands
hopes that her mistress beau
will plant a stick tree in their garden.

Even if you don’t wish to try to grow
Pooktre Stick People they
are fun to see them in parks and gardens.

Djerril who also resides in The Netherlands
told Little Lion that he thinks his
Mistress is already growing a stick tree.

Grrr… woof-woof Grrr…

Djerril may be right!

The other day “Mommy” and I passed a house
with a sign in the glass screen door that
read: “Potential dangerous dog on premises.”

LOL! They only own a sleepy feline.

“Mistress Mommy” said that the feline
could be an “attack cat in disguise.”

I rolled over the boulevard for 3 minutes.
I could not stop. The thought was so silly.

When we came home Mommy saw the nose prints
on the glass screen door and this gave
her the idea to place this sign
in our screen door.

to let my fellow canines and their owners
know that I am an artsy Shi Poo.

Right away I ran to tell the “Lad Upstairs.”

“Gotcha little artist” he said and
started bathing me. but I got him, too.

As soon as I thought “enough is enough”
I got out of there and flew downstairs
and made a few rounds through the hall
and the living and dining room as I let
the lad run after me with an extra large
beach towel to dry my fur.

“He-He-He, me was faster than he!”

LOL, I may be a famous runner
and artist soon!

See you all next time on Halloween!

PJ Party come one come all!

ZZZZZZZ Goodnight!

Sleep Tight!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the
animations, Droppie and Djerril photos,
links and the artists and video makers.

All other photos as usual by ”Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“Little Rascal-Woofie” me!.

With thanks to the makers enjoy,

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Fun Things Come in Three…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

Dolly Parton knows dreams can come true.
But only if you hold on to them.

So, too a wish to travel, teach homeschooling and…
finding your stolen Gypsy Waggon.

 Welcome Fans, Family and
Friends New and Old,

Little Lion says:
This is my dreamy kind of fun.
Traveling to and fro all over the Globe
in a Gypsy Waggon.

First an imagination library link
by the famous songstress Dolly Parton:

AND… a Bug Book.

“Grab your Bucket and Search.”

A fun story to read.

Little Lion bets that
The “Young Mistress”
would fall in love with:

I think he may be right about that.

Travel Fun!

“The In-Thing to do” as per the Lad Upstairs,
that’s if you can get your parents to travel
and home-school you and your siblings.

For parents with school-age children
who love to travel for a long period
homeschooling may be THE answer. 

Check homeschooling in Ontario

And don’t forget to check the kindle
e-Handbook of Nature Study by
Anna Botsford Comstock (Amazon)

It may give you and your child
an idea to write and publish
an e-storybook or an e-travel journal.

Would not that be fabulous?
It may attract a publishing company.

Such as this children’s book:

by Holling C. Holling.

You never will know unless you try it!

Dream a bit and


with your child inside this book.

Last but not least…

something “Mistress Mommy”
aka The Blog Muse and Little Lion
 often dream about…

Enjoy the beauty and art!

With these dreamy gypsy waggons we end
our adventure search fun from our armchair
and Little lion’s Lookout!

All is silent there for a change.

Don’t forget,

Halloween fun is coming soon!

With heartfelt thanks to everyone for
the links and animations, which bring
magic and joy to the written word and
enrich our knowledge and increase our laughs,
keeping us joyful and young at heart.

Photos as usual by
“the Blog Muse” aka “Mistress Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“Little Rascal-Woofie” me.

 G o o d b y e!

Until next time, usually on a Saturday,
enjoy a very talented beautiful young lady
and her exquisite ventriloquist puppets.

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Hot days in the City….

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Dear Fans, Friends and Family,

Heartfelt thanks to Word-Press and the Lad-Away.

Now we can post again!

We wll have to do a “raindance” as the
September days are getting much too hot
to do a lot of necessary work.

So, just dance and thump with us that we
may be blessed with a refreshing rainfall.

Thinking about the myth of the raindance
 we found this interesting website link.

Little Lion enjoyed the UK video here below
and would love to attend, too.

With heartfelt thanks to everyone for
the links and animations, which bring
magic and joy to the written word and
enrich our knowledge and increase our laughs.

Photos as usual by
“the Blog Muse” aka “Mistress Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“Little Rascal-Woofie” me.

That’s all on this extremely hot day!

Have fun, see y’all next time!
In the meantime enjoy this great UK furry
camaraderie and learning idea.

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