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Cozy Snowy Happy Valentine…

Posted by on February 14, 2018

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Hi Friends!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

A bit of news since the last time we met here…

Mistress Mommy is writing a cozy mystery,
which she started writing in Autumn 2017,
but around Christmas she got unwell
and stopped writing for awhile.
I think she will be getting back into it soon.

I’m so-o-o proud of her!

Well, as soon as she has other things
under control again.
She laments from time to time that she seems
to be getting older and slower each day.

I tell her that this may be true but,
hey, you should never stand still by aging.
Don’t we all age from birth on?
I became 6 years old the day before Halloween
last year, and I’m not slowing down.


 “Rest between work and play and take a nap”,
I keep telling her.

Anyhow, “Mistress Mommy” is very much
interested in cozy pet mysteries.
Often I see her taking time off to read
a kindle sample chapter of a cozy dog
or other cozy pet mystery.
Woof!!! That should keep her young!
More so, since she signed up for a
daily Newsletter from:

And just today she spotted another website:

You really have to take a peek at this site
full of cozy mysteries.
This website invites others who have
a website to connect with them.
Perhaps it’s a good idea for us, too.

Let’s wait and see what “Mommy” is going
to do later on today or next week.
First she wants to discuss it with the
“Young Mistress” and the “Lad Upstairs”
before he is off to other adventures,
she whispered in my ear this morning,
when she let me out into the backyard
to romp in the old and fresh fallen snow.

It keeps looking like Christmas never left our city.
I’m getting a bit impatient as Mommy
has not walked me since late December.
Mind you, I’m not fotgotten ’cause the
Lad Upstairs walks me every day.
Also, I do my rounds in the back garden,
but it’s not the same.
The weather stays cold, freezing wet or
snowy and the family is afraid that the
“Lady of the House” will slip and fall
and break an ankle or hip again.

I just like pulling “Mommy” around,
so she gets some fresh air and exercise.
It will do her “old bones” good!

This morning “Mommy” and I e-mailed
a Valentine greeting to family and friends
and this Valentine blog is dedicated
to you all as we wish you the happiest
and sunniest day of them all!

Just as nice as this pleasant Valentine’s story:

 It may give you an idea to start a Happy Valentine tradition, too.
Let me know if you do 🙂

I wonder, what the “Young Mistress”
and her pet Empress Zoe Labrador are doing today.
The last I heard, they both had fun imitating
a wolf’s howl one night, when they spotted
a gang of coyotes at their front door.
I would have loved howling like a wolf, too.
It scared the coyotes back to the forest nearby
looking for the lone wolf.

Mommy, the “Blog Muse” adores this site!

This morning she felt a bit nostalgic.
I guessed right away why.

You may, too, when you read my  clue.
“Which country is known the most
for wearing wooden shoes?”

Well… no I did not mean England …

but they have famous and pretty apprentice clog makers, too.

Have fun watching the video below!


With thanks to the makers, enjoy:


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