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December a Month to Remember…

Posted by on December 2, 2017

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

 December has arrived and thus we like
to bring a lot of festivities to you.
So without further ado we dive
right into the links.

So you can enjoy a few special
St. Nicholas crafts as well
as other beautiful Christmas gifts and
crafts to celebrate the birth of the
Christ Child.

Anyone of our fans living in or near
Smoky Mountain in the USA?

If you live close to Dollywood you
will be in for a special treat.

We think it’s great to meet the famous
Dolly Parton, and meet the mysterious,
mischievous Elf and the stunt dogs
in person.

Litlle Lion would like to perform at
Dolly Parton’s Dollywood, and see all there
is to see at Smoky Mountain, but
we are living too far away.
We mostly do our travels by armchair.
It’s fun, less tiring and easier on the budget.

All good things come in three… or more!

We found this amazing link for you:

All who celebrate the St. Nicholas festivity
on the evening of December 5th
and the 6th we wish you a great time.

All others, we hope you, too, will enjoy the
special St. Nicholas recipes, videos etc.
It’s fun to try out something new.

Now a bit of news from our homestead.

The little rascal and I don’t have any
exciting adventures to tell.
The trespassing animals seem in decline.

Little Lion’s “Houdini” stunts are in
the past as “The Lad upstairs” purchased
a couple of “safety” gadgets so he can’t
just “roll-over” in the grass and get rid of them.
He tried some sneaky ways to get them undone.

However, he never gets cranky as he
always seems to find something interesting
on his walks to look or sniff at.
As well we always meet a few nice people
and children who keep the little rascal
prancing and in a happy mood.

One of the ladies we met today called
him a “bundle of joy”, and that he is.
To top it off, he also keeps me on my toes
and in a good mood!

That’s all for now. See you next time!

Thanks a bunch to everyone for the
animations, interesting and crafty links,
and the artists and video makers.

All other photos as usual by ”Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“Little Rascal-Woofie” me!.

With special thanks to the video maker of
Santa’s visit to Brampton, Ontario.

We hope all our fans, friends and family
may enjoy it. It was a real treat for us.
Thanks a bunch, Sir!

We hope you will hear from many You Tube visitors.

Rain did not keep the Santa Fans away! 🙂

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