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Garden Thyme….

Posted by on April 28, 2017

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Dear Fans, Family and Friends,

Little Lion and I are pretty busy
to get our “Garden of Eden” ready for
the joys of the outdoors season.

Garden dwarf

 The garden dwarfs are back
from their winter hiding place.
However, nature is showing
us stormy and sunny days, which are
keeping us both busy.

18 Days ago the 1st hurricane swept through
London, Ontario.

Little Lion is supervising my struggles
to clear the garden debris, re-planting,
shaping and replacing a few patio stones
and keeping the weeds from popping up.
As well as keeping “enemies” out.
Such as pictured on the link here below.

Since the hot days will be soon here
we will publish our blog twice a month
starting on the Saturday before
Mother’s Day, May 14th, 2017.


A terrific link for upcoming festivities is,

and other fabulous crafts.

For the 150 year of Canada we recommend
reading up on the many local festivities. 🙂

Ottawa is “The” Place to be in May
as the city has also planned a
“Vintage Military Display”
during the Victoria Day Weekend,
between May 20 and 22,2017 at
The Great Lawn Landsdowne Park in Ottawa,
paying tribute to the Veterans.


A special interactive program for kids
will celebrate
the only Royal ever born in Canada,
Princess Margriet
of The Netherlands who was born in Ottawa
on 19 January, 1943 during WWII.

Presently, Little Lion is at the LOOK-OUT
on watch for any UFO’s circling in the sky.


It seems the sightings are more frequent.

If you spot one, keep us posted!

Aha! Here comes the little rascal. 🙂


Have a great weekend! LOL!
See you again on Saturday, May 13th!

Yo Ho Ho Mateys,
I have the last word! Aarrr!!!
I like to wish “MARIAN” a favorite fan and friend
Happy Birthday!

Pink Tulips 2009

Tulips just for You*!

Hope you have a lovely birthday!

To start off, I “pirated”
free coloring pages for pirate fans:


Who of you knows Roger the Jolly Pirate?

If you do, send me a pirate e-mail.

I suggested to “Mistress Mommy” to order
a “Pirate Doormat”
but she is not going for it.

“Magnificent” she said, “Go Fund Me
or walk the plank, Matey!”


I suspect “Mistress Mommy” may have
been a “female pirate captain” once.

I have to go to the LOOK-OUT soon and watch
Mommy while she is working in the gardens.
She likes to have it all done before
Victoria Day, that’s when we have
our first long weekend.
Most people drive to their summer cottages
at that time.

To learn more about cottage leasure
in Canada, you may like to read:

There are no real pirates roaming the
Canadian Lakes but it’s fun to roam
the country site, the lakes and to learn
how to avoid to get lost in the wildside
of the wilderness.

Majestic Forest

See you on the day before Mother’s Day!
Don’t forget to put a little
pirate fun in your city garden.
Aarrr! Woof-Woof!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

Photos as usual by “Mistress Mommy”
and the snappy photographer,
he-he-he that’s
“pirate-woofie” me!.
Have a fabulous weekend!


Don’t forget to pass on to your humans
the “Scoop on the Poop.”
We canines do mother earth a great favour.

We provide POWER!


Aye-Aye Mateys, enjoy a most beautiful garden story.


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