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My Paw is on Nature….

Posted by on April 22, 2017

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*

hello_puppiesWe are wishing you all a
Swell Day.

 I promised you a photo of my new playmate.
Meet “Monkey Ape the babbling babe!”
She is always swinging and grinning.
She would love to swing with me
in the blossom of our pear tree.


“Mistress Mommy” is still busy
cleaning-up the gardens.
When she works in the gardens,
I am at the LOOK-OUT
keeping an eye on her.
It’s tiring for both of us,
but when all is done the garden view
will look splendid.

The birds, bees and butterflies will
visit all day long.
The birds are already entertaining us
and many baby birds have been born.

I like to chase the birds, just for fun.
Would not you?


Just this week,

the rain and sun transformed the garden’s
winter chaos into a spring-like oasis.
In-between yesterday’s rainstorms Mommy
snapped a photo of the grass and plants
that had popped up like the magic of
a time lapse video.


A few days earlier, while gazing through
my front LOOK-OUT to keep an eye on
the beige-brown feline crossing over
from the opposite street into my territory,
I spotted a lovely lady passing by taking
snapshots of a few spring flowers and
the massive uprise of Nature’s greenery.


“Mommy” says that she is always dazzled
by the quick uprising and growth of
nature in central Ontario.
My guess, the lady photographer was, too.
So was I, and to show this to “Mommy”
I rolled in the grass the other day.
The mud spattered my eylashes and paws.
Mommy laughed when she saw it and washed
my face and paws when we came home.
Later that night my face and paws got
soaking wet in the rain.
My body stayed dry because I wore my
red “Super-dog” coat. :)

This week I gave the Lad Upstairs
a scare while we were in the park.
I saw a squirrel and made an unexpected
move and pulled the Lad with me.


 He is agile so no harm came to him.
It was a thrilling moment, however,
the Lad was not amused.

“Mistress Mommy” is teaching me
No, it has nothing to do with

although that is a mighty interesting site.
But I mean the high-five and fist-bump
handshakes, we canines call the paw-shakes!

Dear friends, it was fun chatting with you,
but I am a bit exhausted and
ready for a short nap.


Bye-bye see you next Saturday.
Have a fun weekend!

Here comes the “Blog Muse” aka Gypsy Joy
and “Mistress Mommy”, I am going to
dreamland….. Zzzzzzzz …..

Hello Fans, Family and Friends,


Just stepping by for a little chat,
a bit about Earth Day and a nature quote.
As well to let you know what a great
guard dog, clever companion animal,
Little Lion is.  He brings s0 much joy to our
family and everyone he meets and greets.



 Thank you Little Lion!


I see Little Lion has told you all there
is to be told today. :)
I trust you like his stories very much.
Little Lion is just as amazing as
“Mother Nature.”
He is the best storyteller of the west!


My Nature Quote…

If you want your children to love Nature
take them on a woodland walk.
Let them explore all there is to discover.
They and Mother Nature will thank you!
*Gypsy Joy*

Don’t forget to put a little
nature fun in your city garden.
The kids and wildlife will love you.


 Even a squirrel statue lifts ones
spirits and brings a smile to all.

So do the white geraniums when brought
into the house during the fall until
late May, when they are put out in the
garden to brighten nature’s scenery
during the day and into the night.


 Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

Photos as usual by yours truly.
Have a fabulous weekend!
Don’t forget,
it’s Earth Day today!


Make it a grand day for the whole family.

We shall meet again next Saturday.  :)


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