A Frolicking Easter…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


The love of gardening is a seed
once grown that never dies.
~Gertrude Jekyll~

Many gardeners are busy planting
tiny seeds in pots
to be transferred into the garden beds
as soon as the time for outdoor planting
has arrived.


Since the garden helpers are still at large


the seedlings may or may not be ready
to be used as an Easter centerpiece.

A crocus or early tulip may be ready
and thus can be lifted from the garden
or purchased for the occasion.
Placed on a large plate or tray and
surrounded by filled plastic eggs or
chocolate bunnies and a few tealights
it makes a beautiful Easter centerpiece.

The children will love the Easter goodies.  :)


To learn why Easter is important to many,
you are cordially invited to check:


From Easter fun for mere mortals
over to pooches.  :)

How about treating
your sweet pooch and canine friends to a
“Jeni Rosenberg Easter Hunt”?
Bringing an Easter smile to all.


Enjoy Jeni’s video and the story.


 May you all have a Joyous Easter.

Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter
till we meet again next Saturday!

Here comes Little Lion with a basket
filled with Easter Goodies!

Hello Everyone,


Let’s see what my playmate and I have
in our Easter basket for you. :)


I see a lot of fun things for a
last minute Easter creativity.


Teachers always think up great activities.

I think “The Lad Upstairs” is
an excellent teacher, too.


 Here he gets a friend’s pooch
to lie down at his feet.

Thanks for the photo AJ!

I gave the Lad a hard time teaching
me to sit down as soon as
we get into the hallway after a walk.
I always want to scoot right to
“Mistress Mommy” when I come home
to tell her all about our adventures
and to eat my goodies after a long walk.

I love to eat my yummy holiday goodies!


If you ask me, goodies keep you
  in a good mood.


My wish for you a great easter egg hunt
with lots of easter egg fun.



don’t make a kerfuffle during
the Easter hunt!
Or snaffle the easter eggs from the
smaller and younger kids and canines.

Riddle answer to “kerfuffle” and “snaffle”
at the end of this page.
No peeking!!!       Grrr…        Grrr…

That’s all for now!


Enjoy my special Easter wish for you:

A Hare-raising Adventure!

It reminds me of the “Young Mistress”

“Honey Bunny”

Honey Bunny 2005

and her other pet bunnies in the past
and animal companion “Empress Zoe Labrador.”


 Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

All other photos as usual by the “Blog Muse.”

Have fun on the holiday weekend.
See you next Saturday!

Answer to “kerfuffle” a commotion,
disturbance or fuss.

Two answers to “snaffle”:
a simple bit for a horse’s bridle
and a “Highwayman that has got Booty”.
Aye Matey, the latter is “pirate talk”.

Be prepared when you are out on an
Easter Egg Hunt.
The pirates may snaffle your egg booty.



 Have a frolicking Easter hunt.
Enjoy the pirate story!

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Wonders of the World…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Welcome Everyone!

While Little Lion is out for his walk
I like to share a bit of nature joy
and a few quotes.

He that plants trees loves others beside himself.
~Thomas Fuller~


This week I feasted my eyes on
Cornwall’s “Eden”,
Canada’s Rainforest,
Haida Art and beautiful roses dedicated
to the painting art of Canadian artists.

I may never visit “Eden” in person but I will
not soon forget the immense beauty of
Cornwall’s Garden of Eden in the UK.


Or British Columbia’s Magical
Rainforest Coast
where trees live more than 1,000 years.


Considered to be the largest intact
temperate forest in the world.


In the Raven’s Call I learned about
the artist Bill Reid and his Haida
and American Scottish ancestry.
As well as the artist’s identity and
why his ashes were scattered
and interred, in 1998,in his maternal
grandmother’s village of Tanu.


One of the famous Canadian Artists
in The Group of Seven,
Emily Carr (1871- 1945)
depicted in her paintings the Haida People
and the Rainforest Coast.

Enjoy the paintings:


Joy is like a lovely rose.
How long it lasts nobody knows.
*Gypsy Joy*



In 2012 A Canadian Rose was named for
Bill Reid.
In honour of his many paintings and
other attributes to bring
The First Nations
and other Peoples closer together.


Beauty gets the attention and
personality captures the heart.
~Author Unknown~

I hear little feet running to the blog stage…

Have an enjoyable weekend.
See you again on Easter Saturday!

Here comes…


Little Lion!

Hallooa Gals, Guys and Lovely Elders,

Yesterday when I woke up we had another
snowy landscape day but by the end of
the day the “christmassy” scene had
melted away.
Today is a sunny day!

I’m back from a run with the Lad!


He-He-He it was fun,
I met a little rabbit!

As soon as he saw me he leaped away.
The Lad had to laugh so-o-o much,
he almost let go of the Flexi leash.
It stunt me for a moment, else the
chase would have been on between me
and that fast hopping-away little rabbit.


They are fast but I run fast, too.

You all know Empress Zoe. There are
“Tall Tales” and photos of Zoe on the blog.
Here is a “Zoe Labrador quote”, just like me
she enjoys pirate stories.


“Sometimes I imagine I am the famous pirate princess Alfhild.
I own a fleet of viking ships and sail the seas.”
~Empress Zoe, Labrador~


Zoe likes you to meet her friend Coco.


Coco is a female German Shepherd.
Sometimes they go on hikes together.

Guess what?
I have a funny word riddle for you.

Do you know what cuniculophobia means?

Its from the latin word cuniculus.
The answer is at the end of this page.

Don’t peek now!

“Mistress Mommy” told me about it  last
Thursday, on the day of the Lad’s birthday.
That was a fun day, too.
As a joke I suggested we go gator riding.


 “Mistress Mommy” almost choked laughing
and spilled the sugar.

Earlier, “Mistress Mommy” and I searched
for a unique Easter Egg Pattern link:


and “How to learn Pysanky”.
An egg-painting art skill from
several countries in Eastern Europe.


If you are going to decorate easter eggs
send me a picture.

That’s all for today!

Here is the answer to the word riddle:

“someone who is afraid of rabbits.”
Grrr… Grrr… Neat, eh!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers, and

to the “Young Mistress” for Coco’s photo.

All other photos as usual by the “Blog Muse.”

Enjoy the weekend!
See you next Saturday!
Perhaps we meet on NSD Easter Egg Hunt. :)


Have fun watching how to paint
a Polish Easter Egg.

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Discovery of an Unknown Tribe…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Hullo Everyone!

Great News!
The discovery of an Unknown Tribe.

A very fascinating story by the beautiful
Boreal Princess of The North.

Who describes the discovery
as the “Invisible” Tribe of the year.

Let’s explore this a bit more before
Little Lion and I go on with our latest
story as told by the “Boreal Princess.”

We know there are many tribes in the world
visible to us, should we be so lucky meeting them.
We learn about these tribes at school
or through the internet and other media.


The “Boreal Princess” prefers to refer to
the new tribe as the Invisible Tribe.

In “Word of the Day” Merriam-Webster
explains this invisible Tribe  as follows:

live in the woods behind your house,
gathering berries at night
and sleeping by day under a child’s bed.”


From this statement we may assume that
the “Mugwumps” are living everywhere in
the world, but has anyone seen them
eye to eye???


We don’t think so and if they are
we mere mortals can’t see them.
Luckily for parents and children,
the “Mugwumps” seem less frightening
as the “Boogyman” hiding in the closet
or under the kids beds.

The “Mugwumps” remind Little Lion about
Sesame’s Blue Cookie Monster.
He is harmless, too.
He just loves to gobble up
freshly baked cookies!



Without further ado enjoy the story
as told by the “Boreal Princess”,
who tells us that the “Mugwumps” are
a merry and peaceful hardworking tribe.
While invisible to the rest of the world
they are vital to the berry fields.
They are silent, playful and gentle
and as sweet as a strawberry!


After their work is done, the “Mugwumps” 
scatter unseen by all,
and take their recluse in any home near
a wooded area, where they hide under
the beds of the children,
until the first droplets of glinstering
dew at dawn transform the surroundings
in an enchanted world.


like to be entertained by kids and jesters.
They do play pranks at times.
You may wonder if the
“Mugwumps” have anything to do
with the hoaxes on April Fool’s Day?”

Perhaps “yes” perhaps “no”.

Maybe the Museum of Hoaxes can tell you so.


There is one day during a special year
that the invisible “Mugwumps” can be seen
when they are in the woods or resting
under the children’s beds at night.
This happens only if you put a large
sign on your front garden very early
on the first of April,
when that date falls on a Saturday!

It should read:

Welcome Here TODAY All Day Long.


Paste or draw a strawberry or other
berry on it. It will please the “Mugwumps”.

Very Important!

The sign has to be put on your
front lawn and be visible
to all who pass by.

Good Luck!
This is your chance to meet the invisible
“Mugwumps” Tribe.
This chance will not come again soon.
So, please, pass this info on
to all your friends.

We thank the beautiful
“Boreal Princess” of The North
for this exciting “Mugwumps” news.
It may make April 1, 2017 for all a
Happy and Interesting Fool’s Day!

The “Blog Muse” aka “Mistress Mommy” says… gypsy_reading_palm

If the above is not enough foolishness,
here below are the best 100 Pranks.



Have a smiling April Fool’s Day everyone!

See you all again next Saturday!


Time to check the LOOK-OUT and then
the lad and I are going out
for another walk and we will scout
for the “Mugwumps” in the wet flurries.

“Mommy”… I need a Milk-bone snack,
please put some in the Lad’s back-pack.

“Okay, you poor hungry pooch!”

Gotcha Mommy!
April Fools!!!  “Fish!”


“I will get you for this”, Little rascal!

Here we go!
Catch us if you can!



Woof…Woof… Woof!

 Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

If you like the strawberry animations,


for more strawberry fun.

Its raining and snowing here.
Spring must be hiding somewhere.
The question is, where oh where???


Photos as usual by yours truly.
Have a fabulous weekend!
Don’t fool too many people, today!


To All who celebrate a birthday on April 1st:
Have a very Happy Birthday
with lots of presents and laughs!


We shall meet again next Saturday!


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Yup Yup Yup…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Hullo Frolicking Fans,

I don’t know about you, but…

I love Milk-bones yup-yup-yup…

The Milk-bones on the pantry shelf
Are teasing me each day
Mischievous like a christmas elf
This is what they say:

“Be as clever as a fox
If you want to be happy
Don’t stare at the box
Grab one or two or three.
Yup, yup, yups
They are up for grabs.”

Sigh!  my Milk-bone dreams
I cannot satisfy
I don’t have the means
The pantry shelf is not doggy high.

So what do I do?

I wait till “Mistress Mommy”
scarf’s them up!

What else is there that I can do???

Luckily Mommy scarf’s them up
at every meal.
I like my Milk-bones and doggy treats,
I could munch on them all day long.


I would like to try cakes
and cookies, too,
but that seems to be taboo.
I am sneaky… when my humans are making
a snack in the kitchen, I am spying


for anything that may fall on the floor.
I like food hunting and I like to
spread my kibble around.

One day I may wiggle the kitchen table


and cookies may magically spill.
Don’t tell “Mommy” aka the “Blog Muse!”

See you later! LOL!

Hi Friends and Fans,

In this beautiful Slavic head-dress,
I feel like a princess.


Did you hear the happy Country news?
Norway has won this year’s vote as
“Happiest Country in the world.”
The Danish magic trolls are so happy
that they will be celebrating all year.

The other day I stumbled on troll pictures.
If you have troll photos you are invited
to send them to the troll shop link below.


You are also invited to make a
  beautiful cave for your trolls.



Trolls remind me about earlier days
when little girls and boys  collected
tiny troll dolls and cute troll animals.


 Little Lion may enjoy this link. :)


The inventor of the famous Troll dolls
is the Danish woodcutter

Thomas Dam.


Enjoy the slideshow!  We did!!

I see Little Lion popping up!
See you all next week again.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Hello… I am back! Did you miss me??

Not much excitement at the LOOK-OUT!

This week Mother Nature presented us
with sun, cold, wind, rain and snow.


See you all again next week and if you
meet a troll lion tell him to call me.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

All other photos by the
“Blog Muse”
I did not snap a hot snapshot this week,
I had a cookie hangover.


Have a fun weekend.
See you next Saturday!

Enjoy Rosanna and her entourage.

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The Little Golden Books…

Shih Poo Tales
*Little Lion*
*Gypsy Joy*


Halloa Fans,

As you can see,
Little Lion is in a book discussion
with his playmates.

So today I have the honour to
entertain you first.


“A book, too, can be a star.”
~Madeleine L’Engle~


A sparkling quote;
one of my favorites. :)


The other day I was reminiscing about
children’s books, fairy tales and
“the good old times”
when everything was a lot cheaper.

It brought me back to a time, when the
grocery list included, a fairy tale
and/or a “Little Golden Book.”



Little puppy Poky stands out in many
a child and a grown-up’s mind.


There are so many more!

To my shame, I have to admit I
was not acquainted with

“The Golden Book Gown.”

To my delight I spotted this “Golden Oldie” the other day.


As well as:



Shortly thereafter I checked
what one can do with “Magic Pens.”
A fine idea for Easter Eggs!


Free Instructions on:


By serendipity, I landed at


a perfect “Holiday Celebrations” site.

Meet Angie and her beloved Family!
Enjoy this holiday blog year round.



I can’t wait till I see the garden faeries
with their magic paintbrushes bring
the spring gardens back to life.

Aha, here comes Little Lion to
pass on more book fun for the younger crowd.

See you next Saturday!
Enjoy my Rhyme Time with the little ones.



Hullo Everyone!

I hope you liked having time off school
and read a good book or two.
As you know April is book month and
April is creeping up on you!

I like pirate and monster stories.
Do you?

Yesterday I spotted with my pirate eye,
a dog’s diary.


Available in Canada August 1, 2017:
Trade Paperback


 It’s a nice birthday present
or a Christmas gift for anyone who
likes dogs, adventures, Christmas, crafts,
recipes and Charles Dickens pooch
“Tiny Tim.”
The review says:

“Tiny Tim tells a tale
as lively as a holiday gig.”

Like this cocky feline,


who thinks this sign
will keep a canine out of the way!”

Tiny Tim is going to be on my
“Mistress Mommy’s Christmas List!”

We both will love Tiny Tim’s story.

We got a lot of snow earlier this week.
Green snow ideas popped into my mind.


My appointment with the groomer was
delayed a couple of days
because of the heavy snowfall.
I did not mind!
“Mistress Mommy” is not allowed to stay
with me and that makes me nervous.
I know she waits for me in the store
but I can’t spy on her.
Anyhow, I am good now for a few months.

Mommy did buy me a new toy and I liked it.
But I was not letting her know
how much I liked the new toy, until much later,
when we were back in the house
and “Mommy” wanted to play with it.
I grabbed it quickly and ran
around in circles.
Then I took a nap because I was exhausted.

Later I scared Mommy” and the Lad with
my green monster outfit,
I looked like the “monster in green”
on this photo from “Mommy’s” album.


It was only Mommy’s green scarf!
I just wanted to celebrate St. Paddy’s
but I scared everyone, that was hilarious!

It’s quiet as a mouse at the LOOK-OUT.
Not much to fuss about.

Next time I will show you a picture
of my new playmate.

Have a fun weekend.
See you next Saturday!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the animations,
links and the artists and video makers.

All other photos by the
“Blog Muse”
and me,  the snapping photographer.
I forgot to snap one this week,
so have a look at this picture
courtesy Lady Val in Australia.

Thanks Mame! Hope you’re doing well! :)



Hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day!

Keep in touch and enjoy
the little leprechaun.


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